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Full Spectrum, High Yield LED Grow Lights with Astounding PAR ratings. For Home and Commercial Use

Our Products

We offer High effecient, long lasting horticulture grade LEDs. Whether you are a first time grower or a large facility, Misfit Lighting has you covered!

240W Misfit F6 $250.00

240W Driver. Samsung LM281B 3500K diodes with extra red 660NM diodes. 1-year board and 5-year driver warranty. Perfect fit for vegging a 2.5’x2.5’ space, but will flower a 2’x2’ space.

240W The Baby Monster $250.00

240W Meanwell driver equipped with Samsung LM301H and Osram deep red/IR2x2/3×3 coverage and a 3.0 efficiency rating.

320W The Monster Mini $399.00

320W meanwell driver with dimmer and 9m driver extension cable. UV, IR, and samsung LM301H diodes. 1 year board and 5 year driver warranty. Perfect fit for a 2’x4’ space, but will flower a 3’x5’ space.

Colossus 650w V2 $600.00

650w dual drivers, Full-spectrum with Two dimmers to control each side. Perfect for any plants at different heights or stages. Foldable design that covers 4×4/5×5 coverage (can be configured for different grow spaces)

Our Story

Supply The Best LED Products At Affordable Prices

We’re a local team of growers dedicated to educating and providing the best customer experience while delivering insanely high-quality Full Spectrum grow lights. We’re also a part women-owned company! We promote women and POC in the industry. ​If you are a veteran, please reach out to us. We support our vets and offer discounts.

Shoot us an email for shop wholesale information or large quantity orders. We have extremely competitive pricing, margins and industry-leading customer service.

High Output

Our lights offer the highest PAR output possible while maintaining low power consumption.

Quality Tested

We make sure each unit passes quality inspection before sending it out to you!

United States & Canada Shipping

We ship our products to both Canada and the United States.

Our Lights

Misfit Lighting Solutions
Quality. Power.

Misfit Lights are tested and proven successful with Organic Soil, DWC, Top Drip, Flood and Drain and even multi-tiered grows. We don’t just sell LED lamps, we sell an experience to help your business succeed. If you are looking for a large or commercial order, please contact us so we can get you the best price!


What People Say
About Us

From the setup to actually seeing this baby in action, she’s delirious all around. I love my light. I look forward to cranking to her up more and more each day. My girls LOVE it. They’ve shown so much growth already since the switch. I can’t wait to swap out my HLG 600 RSPEC for a Monster. 💚
I personally would recommend this light to any level grower, I personally love my monster mini, literally it produces so much light, side by side comparison with my sf 2000 and it blows it out of the water by far, I have so much faith in this brand and these lights, Every penny spent is well worth the investment plus you get to rock with the misfit family! Master misfit himself has helped me so much along my grow journey, so huge shoutout to him for all the love and support and the rest of the fellow growmies here! Come to the dark side & join the misfit fam!!! Much love!!
Oh man where do I start…first off this guys customer service is par none. He was beyond helpful even before I purchased his products from general knowledge questions to just connecting on a personal level he went above and beyond. Secondly the light I got the monster 480 and it is a beast! I’ve had it on my baby’s for about a week and I’ve recorded a steady two to three inches of growth every day! 100% worth every penny hell I would have spent more.

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Keep The Guesswork Out of Grow Lighting.


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